Title of Dissertation Supervisor Year of Awardsort ascending
Khushbeen Kaur Sohi Social Structure, Psycho-Social and Academic Experiences at School Purnima Singh 2022
Apurva Role of prediction and working-memory constraints in Hindi sentence comprehension Samar Husain 2022
Diti Goswami Essays on Indian Labour Market Sourabh Bikas Paul 2022
Rituparna Sengupta Mythology as History: Sacred Nation, Patriotic Masculinities, and Devoted Femininities in Contemporary Popular Mythohistorical Fiction Stuti Khanna 2022
Sumallya Mukhopadhyay From Rupture to Resilience: Memory and Identity in Oral Narratives of Refugees Arriving from East Pakistan to West Bengal (1947-1970) Arjun Ghosh 2022
Neaketa Chawla Essays on pricing and competitive strategies of two-sided platforms Debasis Mondal 2022
Benu Verma Rethinking the politics of neoliberal religiosity an ethnography of middle-class guru faith in mata Amritanandamayi Devi Farhana Ibrahim 2022
Neha Essays on caste discrimination in school education in rural India Sourabh Bikas Paul 2022
Rituparna Kaushik Essays on Innovation Economics Sourabh Bikas Paul 2022
Manujata Tone and Aspiration correlation in Punjabi: An analysis using Harmonic Serialism Paroma Sanyal 2022