Graduates | Humanities & Social Sciences


Title of Dissertation Supervisor Year of Awardsort ascending
Manujata Tone and Aspiration correlation in Punjabi: An analysis using Harmonic Serialism Paroma Sanyal 2022
Seema Aspects Spects of female labour force participation in india: With Case Studies from Haryana Jayan Jose Thomas and V Upadhyay 2021
Suchismita Das The Rise of Oppositions: Politics of Land, Patronage and Resistance in West Bengal Sarbeswar Sahoo 2021
Deeksha Tayal Women in urban labour market of India by Deeksha Tayal Sourabh Bikas Paul 2021
Kanhu Charan Pradhan Essays on internal migration in India Ankush Agrawal 2021
Parul Gupta Private tutoring participation and implications in India: an economic analysis Debasis Mondal and Ankush Agrawal 2021
Ekta Pandey Essays in health economics Sourabh B Paul and Saptarshi Mukherjee 2021
R. Ahalya Essays on middle class in India Sourabh Bikas Paul and V Upadhyay 2021
Radha R. Ashrit Some select economic issues in Indian agriculture Ankush Agrawal 2021
Lalita Tolerating hate speech Arudra Burra 2021
Vandita Sahay Economic analysis of coal-based thermal power plants in India V. Upadhyay and Ankush Agrawal 2021
Asmita Verma Essays in health economics Reetika Khera 2021
Aatina Nasir Malik Beyond event and aftermath an ethnographic account of everyday life in a Kashmiri neighbourhood Farhana Ibrahim 2020
Rupali Bansode Re-casting the social in the aftermath of caste-based sexual violence a study of gender and caste relations in rural Maharashtra Farhana Ibrahim 2020
Jayesh M. P Inter-state migration for employment in India: a study on construction workers in Kerala Jayan Jose Thomas 2020
Latheesh Mohan V. Rhythmicity ontology, dialectic and ethics Milind Wakankar 2020
Nisha Dhawan The case for women in non-traditional livelihoods: a sociological inquiry Ravinder Kaur 2020
Nivida Chandra The phenomena of parentification narratives from from urban India Rukmini Bhaya Nair 2020
Srividya Rajaram Anger narratives: a qualitative approach to the psychosocial and linguistic aspects of the emotion of anger Rukmini Bhaya Nair 2020
Ankur Betageri Thinking beyond the finitude of human condition Sanil V. 2020
Ruhi Sonal Essays in decision making and economic networks Saptarshi Mukherjee 2020
Chavi Asrani Adoption and diffusion of digital communication in India an empirical study Ankush Agrawal 2020
Mahendra D. Shahare Emergence of synthetic biology expectations, resistance and legitimation Naveen Thayyil 2020
Devjani Ray Children's periodicals in bengali 1885-1920 a study of Sakha and Sandesh Arjun Ghosh 2020
Mriganka Sekhar Sarma Exploring politics of identity through theatre:"Assameseness" and Bhramyaman theatre of Assam Arjun Ghosh 2020


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