Graduates | Humanities & Social Sciences


Title of Dissertation Supervisor Year of Awardsort ascending
Swati Sharma Human resources and startup success-a mixed method enquiry Kamlesh Singh 2019
Usha Rao Ooru and a metro ethnography of a neighbourhood and urban infrastructure in Bangalore Farhana Ibrahim 2019
Manoj Kumar Chhabra Perceptions of police performance and legitimacy as determinants of attitudes towards violence and cooperation with police study of youth in a left-wing extremist affected area of Odisha, India Purnima Singh and Kanika T. Bhal 2019
Mini K Aid and beyond: farmers, facilitators, and the politics of participation in the state of Kerala Richa Kumar 2019
Robin EJ Transcendental philosophy as correlationism : a critical investigation Sanil V. 2019
Swati Mantri Marwaris of Kolkata: Community, Identity and City Ravinder Kaur 2019
Mahima Raina Work family boundary management in Indian context Kamlesh Singh 2018
Megha Chauhan Drug trafficking in India : dimensions, challenges and response V. Upadhyay and B.N. Chattoraj 2018
Ishan Kumar Bakshi Study on inequality of outcome and opportunity in India-1983 to 2011-12 Jayan Jose Thomas and Reetika Khera 2018
Ravi Shankar Mishra Does craft really matter? time, movement and feelings in the making of Dhokra Milind Wakankar 2018
Sandip Datta Political economics : explaining the healthcare issues in India Debasis Mondal 2018
Malvika Tyagi Essays in the economics of crime V. Upadhyay and Debasis Mondal 2018
Reena Ashem Prosodic words in meiteilon: morpho-syntactic influence on morpho-phonological well-formedness Paroma Sanyal 2018
Susan George Music record to internet studying the temporality of music video Sanil V. 2018
Sitakanta Panda Essays on empirical political economics Ankush Agrawal and Sourabh Bikas Paul 2017
Paro Mishra Transcending boundaries, negotiating identities a study of cross region marriage in north India Ravinder Kaur 2017
Sanchita Verma Discourse of silence in multilingual and multicultural classrooms Rukmini Bhaya Nair 2017
Pallavi Narayan Pamuk's Istanbul: everyday architecture Stuti Khanna 2016
Pritika Phenomenology of politics: primacy of experience in thinking, willing and judging in Hannah Arendt's political thought C. A. Tomy 2016
gurmeet Person in Punjabi: investigating argument and clitic licensing Pritha Chandra 2016
Renuka Thapliyal Explaining sustainability of Shimla city: developing environmental and socioeconomic indices Vibha Arora and Geetam Tiwari 2016
Pulkit Khanna Validation of positive psychological interventions for Indian school students Kamlesh Singh 2016
Anjali Jain Adaptive and maladaptive schema: construction of a psychological tool Kamlesh Singh 2016
Diptimayee Nayak National parks: landscapes of justice or landscapes of dispossession? Evaluating bhitarkanika national park Bharati Puri and V. Upadhyay 2015
Swikar Lama Study of alternative dispute resolution systems dealing with domestic violence in Delhi and Darjeeling: a restorative justice perspective Purnima Singh and Ravinder Kaur 2015


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