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Language Learning Centre

A state-of-the-art Digital Language Laboratory (DLL) functions in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. This lab, installed in 2002, caters to the language needs of the students at various levels. The softwares available aim at equipping the students with skills in writing, speaking and listening. This lab is open to students on all working days on a library mode. The lab is accessible to the students depending on the availability of time and is based on the students’ individual requirements like:

  • Improving their Grammatical and vocabulary skills
  • Enhancing their skills in Technical writing
  • Honing their listening, speaking and voice modulation through Virtual Voice Recorder

We propose to operate it on an Open-Access basis; however, students are advised to visit the lab for two weeks or more at a stretch to benefit from the facilities

This is envisioned as a state of the art learning space, fitted with over 50 Touch Screen computers, loaded with imaginative yet robust software, LCD screens, projecting facilities and AVA equipment to encourage creative productions by the students. Complementing this lab up-gradation effort is our purchase of state-of-the-art web-based English language learning software, in partnership with the Computer Service Centre of IIT Delhi who will then make the contents available to students on the LAN so that they can work in a flexible manner, whether in their hostels or in the lab.

Beginning December 2011, several steps were taken to upgrade the facilities in the language lab. All computers were replaced with 50 all-in-one touch screen desktops. This helped unclutter the Language Lab. The department also purchased the Language Learning software 'Digital Language Lab' from Gurukul Online Learning Solutions, and Language Evaluation software from Given newly revamped NLN 100‘s new requirements, the Department has aggressively set in motion the improvement and enhancement of existing English language learning facilities.

The Laboratory contributes significantly to the administration of the course NLN 100. The course aims at initiating students from varied backgrounds into the academic environment of IIT Delhi. It begins with an English language 'exposure test' which serves as a pointer towards the specific language needs of different students. This test is used to divide the entire batch of first year students of approximately 850 into 40 smaller cohorts. The students attend class and lab on alternate weeks. In the lab they use the language software package 'tell-me-more' for reading, listening, speaking and grammar practice. Each student has full autonomy and freedom to select his or her challenge level and type of activity. Broadly, semester I of this essential laboratory course is focused on language input while semester II focuses on output skills.