International Conference on India's Soils: Science - Policy - Practice Interfaces for Sustainable Futures (February 26-28, 2017)

In order to address the pressing problems that India’s soils are facing, the DST Centre for Policy Research at IIT Delhi, the Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture (RRA) Network and Shiv Nadar University, are planning an International Conference on Soils designed as a “trialogue” between scientists, policy makers and practitioners to be held at IIT Delhi from February 26 - 28, 2017.

The conference brings together three powerful actors in soil health management in India: scientists with knowledge within the formal domain of the sciences; policy makers with experience of designing policies, programmes, and choosing between policy instruments; and practitioners with their deep understanding of location-specific, yet highly diverse practices, that may or may not be codified, but are knowledge intensive. This conference is meant to enable a conversation between these groups to arrive at a technologically, economically, and politically robust, and ecologically informed understanding of soils and soil problems, and ways to address them.

The overall purpose is to develop scientifically valid, politically plausible and practically feasible solutions, placing special emphasis on marginal, small and medium farmers, and make these available to diverse actors and stakeholders such as the Union government of India, state governments, farmers’ and women’s movements, industry, and health and nutrition coalitions.


The organizers hereby invite policy makers, scientists, and practitioners to submit an abstract that outlines your contribution in any of the conference themes. Specific mention must be made about the focus on the knowledge-policy issues or knowledge-practice issues within the theme that the paper addresses. Please see the concept note for more details. Abstracts must be submitted through email ( on or before 5pm Indian Standard Time on January 25, 2017.

The abstracts will be reviewed and successful submissions will be notified on or before February 5, 2017.