Shortlisted candidates for round II interviews in Literature and Economics

The following candidates have been shortlisted for the second round of interviews in the disciplines of Literature and Economics. Shortlisted candidates have already been sent emails informing them of their selection.

PG-222301-35760 PG-222301-25031 PG-222301-17775 PG-222301-16941 PG-222301-06401 PG-222301-27254 PG-222301-28989 PG-222301-32301 PG-222301-12011 PG-222301-12242
PG-222301-27075 PG-222301-06242 PG-222301-13191 PG-222301-30977 PG-222301-21565
PG-222301-17559 PG-222301-28404 PG- 222301-29592 PG-222301-08120 PG-222301-20741
PG-222301-24364 PG-222301-11639 PG-222301-21993 PG-222301-26968 PG-222301-13110
PG-222301-29977 PG-222301-31244 PG-222301-24600 PG-222301-18455 PG-222301-17758
PG-222301-35114 PG-222301-24081 PG-222301-11576 PG-222301-04251 PG-222301-14187
PG-222301-20420 PG-222301-13461 PG-222301-09185 PG-222301-22870

Please note that the other disciplines are conducting only one round of interviews. Since the admissions process is still underway, it is not possible to provide any information on the status of particular applications at this time. A final list will be posted on the website in due course.