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Discipline wise list of recent selected publications

Complementarities in CSO Collaborations

A commonly explored theme in international civil society organisation (CSO) collaborations is the dominance of Northern CSOs and how this impinges on Southern CSOs’ autonomy, but there is little work on the relative importance of different collaborations for Southern CSOs. This study examined complementarity as a new approach to understanding CSO collaboration. Seeking Southern perspectives, we examined the case of CSOs working on disaster risk reduction in India and developed a typology of complementarities in this domain.

'Amending History': Review of 'Sixteen Stormy Days', by Tripurdaman Singh

Sixteen Stormy Days is a study of independent India's first constitutional crisis. The crisis arose out of a series of adverse court judgments in 1950-51 which placed obstacles in the way of the Congress government's ambitious social agenda, as well its ability to maintain law and order. In May 1951, the government moved to amend the Constitution to undo the effects of these judgments. The Constitution (First Amendment) Act was passed in June, following a bitter battle in Parliament.

Published in India Today, issue of 23 March 2020

Civil liberties in the early constitution: The CrossRoads and Organiser cases

In this paper I examine in detail the background of two important free speech cases from 1950, one brought on behalf of the Communist-leaning magazine, CrossRoads, and the other by the RSS organ, 'Organiser'. I relate these to a lost tradition in Indian liberalism, which made space for ideological opponents to ally on matters of constitutional rights.

Published in 'Human Rights in India', edited by Satvinder Juss (Routledge, 2019).

Candidates Shortlisted for English Language Instructor (Visiting Position)

On the basis of the written test held on 13 Feb 2019, the following candidates have been shortlisted for the interview. The interview would be held at 4.30PM on 13 Feb 2019 in the office of the Head of the Department, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, 5th Floor, Main Building, IIT Delhi.

Candidates are to carry all documents for verification.

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