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Preeti Sharma
Research Area: Skin colour stigma, colourism, well-being, and the social-cure perspective within the framework of social psychology.
Academic Background:

Masters in Clinical Psychology from IGNOU.
B.A Psychology (H) from Delhi University

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Pritam Majumdar
Research Area: Oral Performance Traditions in South Asia
Academic Background:

Integrated M. A. in English Studies, IIT Madras

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Priya Bose
Research Area: Social Anthropology of State and Infrastructure. Border Studies. Religion.
Academic Background:

B.A. Sociology, Presidency University.
M.A. Sociology, Presidency University.
M.Phil. Sociology, Jadavpur University.

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R Sridhar Rao
Research Area: Fisheries, Common Resources
Academic Background:

B-Tech, Mechanical Engineering, NIT Trichy 2006-10
M.A, Development Studies, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru 2012-14
NET (Asst Prof)

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Radha R Ashrit
Research Area: Economics
Academic Background:

MSc in Statistics, Kerala University

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Rahul Ganguly
Research Area: My research looks ar urbanism in the Eastern Himalayas. I am broadly interested in ethnicity, urbanism, infrastructure, political sociology and political philosophy.
Academic Background:

BA and MA in Sociology from Presidency University, Kolkata.

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Rahul Kumar
Research Area: Discourses on Sacrifice, Philosophy of Literature, Continental Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race and Caste
Academic Background:

MA English, Jamia Millia Islamia
BA English, Delhi University

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Rashmi Kumar
Research Area: Everyday experience of Gender and Caste intersectionality in Delhi
Academic Background:

B.A (Hons) in English, Delhi University
MA in Sociology, Pondicherry University

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Rex Mathew
Research Area: Narrative and Ethical Agency
Academic Background:

MA in Philosophy, Indira Gandhi National Open University
BTech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, TKM College of Engineering

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Sagar Boro
Research Area: Ideophones, Reduplication, Typology, Linguistic Area, Genetic Classification.
Academic Background:

M.A in English Studies (IIT-Madras)
M.A in Linguistics (JNU)

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