Bharat Hun
Research Area: Anthropology of the State, Thar Borderland, Sociology of Rajasthan, Environmental Anthropology, Development Policies, and Nomadic Tribes
Academic Background:

MA in Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Email: bharathun6 [at] gmail[dot]com |
Biswanath Dash
Research Area: Syntax, Language Contact
Academic Background:

MA in Linguistics, Central University of Karnataka
BA in English Literature, BJB (A) College, Utkal University, Odisha

Email: biswanathdash555 [at] gmail[dot]com |
C. Tanuj Barla
Research Area: Phonology, Acoustics, Experimental phonetics
Academic Background:

M.Phil in Linguistics (University of Delhi)
MA in Linguistics (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Email: tanujbarla [at] gmail[dot]com |
Chandni Dutta
Research Area: Syntax, linguistics micro-variation Syntax, Linguistic variation, cognitive linguistics
Academic Background:

M.A., M.Phil, Linguistics, JNU

Email: Chandnidutta [at] hss[dot]iitd[dot]ac[dot]in | Website
Research Area: Consumer culture, northeast india, northeast tribal, culture, visual
Academic Background:

MA Sociology- Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi,
BA (H) Sociology- Maitreyi College, University of Delhi

Email: chinggel [at] gmail[dot]com |
Daphibiang Kharduia
Research Area: Financial Economics, Political Economy, International Economic Policy
Academic Background:

M com (Specialization in Finance) , University of Delhi

Email: Daphibiang.Kharduia [at] hss[dot]iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |
Debanshu Panwar
Research Area: Urban Sociology, Social Stratification and Sociology of education.
Academic Background:

BA (hons.) Sociology from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi.
MA Sociology from IGNOU.

Email: pdebanshu [at] gmail[dot]com |
Debottam Saha
Research Area: Organic Food Movement in India
Academic Background:

MA in Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Email: dbt.saha [at] gmail[dot]com |
Deepak Kumar
Research Area: Choice Theory, Decision Theory, Revealed Preference and Bounded Rationality
Academic Background:

BA (Hons) Economics (2017-20), Jamia Millia Islamia.
MA in Economics (2020-22), Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi.

Email: huz228249 [at] iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |
Deepak Kumar Gupta
Research Area: Literary and cultural disability studies
Academic Background:

MA in English, St. Stephen's College, DU
BA in English, Ramjas College, DU
Diploma in Japanese, St. Stephen's College

Email: d95gupta [at] gmail[dot]com |