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Nupur Chawla
Research Area: My area of research involves Indian English fiction from conflict zones, in particular, works of women writers from Nagaland. Politics of struggle, culture and women, form central points of engagement.
Academic Background:

B.A.(H) English (Maitreyi College, Delhi University),
M.A. English (Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University),
M.Phil English (Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi).
Currently teaching at Maitreyi College, Delhi University

Email: nupurchawla04 [at] gmail[dot]com |
Odity Barthakur
Research Area: Sociology of Education, Schooling Cultures, Identity, Nation-state and Citizenship
Academic Background:

M.A in Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University
B.A. in Sociology, Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University

Email: huz238405 [at] iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |
Ouroz Khan
Research Area: Human Judgment and Decision making
Academic Background:

M.Sc in Cognitive Sciences from Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Allahabad.

Email: ourozkhan5 [at] gmail[dot]com |
Pallavi Ramanathan
Research Area: Social Psychology Identity, Culture, Social Contexts, Refugees
Academic Background:

BA (Hons) Psychology, JMC, DU, 2014
MA Psychology, DU, 2016

Email: pallavi.ram93 [at] gmail[dot]com |
Pooja Sarkar
Research Area: Indian Writings in English, Women's Writing, Gender & Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and the Society, Mental Health & Madness
Academic Background:

BA in English Literature, Presidency College, Kolkata.
MA in English Literature, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Email: pooja1992sarkar [at] gmail[dot]com |
Pranab Bagartti
Research Area: Psycholinguistics, Language processing, syntax, Grammatical illusion
Academic Background:

BA in language Sciences, University of Hyderabad
MA in linguistics, University of Delhi

Email: pranab.bagartti [at] hss[dot]iitd[dot]ac[dot]in | Website
Prashant Kumar
Research Area: The Partition of Punjab, Ethnography of Memory and Trauma, Oral History, Medical Humanities
Academic Background:

MA (English) Hindu College, University of Delhi
BA (H) English Hindu College, University of Delhi

Email: huz238407 [at] iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |
Pratikshya Guru
Research Area: Phonological changes and phonemic modifications in Sambalpuri spoken in the Western region of Odisha
Academic Background:

Integrated Masters from University of Hyderabad in Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies(CALTS)

Email: huz228241 [at] iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |
Pratishtha Maurya
Research Area: Understanding fraternity through Ambedkar's lens which can help in developing our sense of current liberal framework of democracy.
Academic Background:

MA in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University

Email: pratishthamaurya [at] gmail[dot]com |
Praveen Lakra
Research Area: Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Emotions
Academic Background:

M.Sc. Physics; M.A. Philosophy

Email: Praveen.Lakra [at] hss[dot]iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |